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Why – How – What

Companies pay big money for advertising. We think different. Help us reach someone you know who could benefit from our courses. We share 30% revenue with you. Here is how it works:


Why become an affiliate?

Unique In Teaching Quran
We believe our courses are unique when it comes to teaching Quran. We encourage our students not only read or recite, but learn, understand, implement and share their Quranic knowledge.

Global Outreach
Alhamdulillah, 10s of 1000s of Muslims benefited from our courses all around the world. There is still much more to go. We need your help.

You Can
Here is where you come in. It doesn’t really matter if you have a big list of emails, a social network page with many followers or you are a housewife, you know some Muslims who can truly benefit from ours courses.

30% Share
Recommend our courses to your friends and family. We are offering 30% share from each payment. You will get your share for each student you bring every month or every year as long as they are active students.

How is it different?

Affiliate program we offer in partnership with Ummaland is totally different than other affiliate programs on the market . Here is 5 reasons why:

2 Minute Simple Setup
Literally, it takes 2 minutes to setup you account and start referring our courses with your family and friends.

Realtime Dashboard
You can see Visits, Sales and Your Share in realtime.

Get Paid Instantly
You will get paid your 30% share as soon as the student pays for their course. No more waiting time.

Recurring 30% Commission
For each student you bring, we pay you 30% share from every payment monthly or yearly as long as the student is an active paid member.

Support Muslim Business
By referring our courses, you are not only generating a side income for yourself, but you are supporting a Muslim business and spread the message of Quran

What is next?

1. Create Account
Create a free account on
(if you are not a member yet)

2. Watch Affiliate Video
Watch Affiliate Introduction Video and learn all you need to get started right away.

3. Add Paypal Email
You should insert your Paypal Email on Manage Payment Page.

4. Add Course
Add our courses to your affiliate dashboard.

5. Share Affiliate Link
Now is the time to get your affiliate link and share it via email, social networks and even print a poster. May Allah give a barakah.

If questions, you can contact us at

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