PRS is Points and referral System. It is about earning reward points by recommending to your friends and relatives. These reward points can be later redeemed through purchases on our portal or through gift cards on Amazon. Please watch the videos to know more.

Enter the promocode

Invite a friend

Purchase a product

Redeem a gift

You just have to be a registered member on and start sharing us. Your username is your promo code. You have to share this same promo code with your friends, family and others. When your friend purchase any of our products or services you get points automatically.

In the table below you can check the reward points you/your friend gets.

Product Type
Number of Points for every 10 USD of purchase

NOTE: These points are rewarded to both you and your friends.

Points Redemption:
For every 3 rewards points, you get 1 USD. This amount can be redeemed on our portal by purchasing any of our products or through Amazon gift cards. For example, if you have accumulated 60 reward points, you get 20 USD worth of gifts.

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