80% Words

80% of Quranic Words

This list of almost 9 pages will also boost your confidence that you can learn the Qur’an.  Please note that this is a very useful reference work.  However, it is not easy to memorize the meanings of the words from such lists.  The verb parts of these lists are an excellent resource to practice different verb types.

In fact, the Level-I course and the short course are designed after this list was developed.  Both these courses help you understand daily recitations and simultaneously learn these frequently occurring words in smooth yet powerful way

Flash cards from the 80% words list:-


Below is another website developed by a brother for learning the 80% word list.


Verbs that occur 18,000 times in the Qur’an

Languages available:


More languages?

We would love to have this word list in every language of the world.  If you are interested and can translate the word list into your language, please support us to translate to your own language.

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