How to use flash cards

  1. Make two decks of cards – known, Unknown; The known deck contains the cards which you already know and the unknown one contains that which you don’t.
    Note: For beginners, there will be only 1 deck of cards. i.e Unknown deck.
  2. The learning/teaching will be carried out with 3 cards. 2 from the known deck and 1 from the unknown one.
    Note: For beginners, pick any 2 cards from unknown deck.
  3. Assisted Learning: Of these 3 cards, show each card to the children and ask them to repeat after you slowly and clearly. Let the children repeat till they comfortable with pronunciation and also the shape of the letter.
  4. Explanation Optional – how to write.
  5. Unassisted learning: Show the card to the children, let them find out. Repeat this till they are able to identify the letter within 2 Seconds.
  6. Repeat steps from 2 to 5 till unknown deck is converted to known deck.

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